“LifeLong E-Learning. Innovative solutions.” A training course for development professionals

International Training Centre

We have the pleasure of announcing that the ILO International Training Centre is offering the sixth edition of  “Lifelong E-Learning. Innovative solutions” taking place in Turin between 13/06/2011  and 17/06/2011 with an on-line phase before and after. The course focuses on interactive technologies and communication systems that enhance the learning experience and stimulate the potential to transform and innovate the way we learn and train.

This course stimulates a community of practice where participants with distinct interests meet each other across the world with the aim of improving their knowledge and efficient practice in the field of LifeLong E-Learning.

During the course, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and experience issues and concepts of contemporary e-learning (virtual learning environments, e-moderation, free and open source software, networked e- learning, knowledge management, learning as a network phenomenon, learning (content) management systems, social software, e-learning 2.0 and e-pedagogy)

The course results into a final project/product that each participant brings back to her/his institution to enhance the use of new technologies for learning. The programme is internationally certified through the OpenECBcheck (Quality label for capacity building)

For any additional information and application contact Elena Mondino at e.mondino@itcilo.org or register immediately here.


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